K. Andre Mkhoyan
Professor, Ray D. and Mary T. Johnson Chair

Research Interests

The Mkhoyan Lab is an analytical electron microscopy lab where research at the atomic scale is daily routine. When materials are so small that measuring their dimensions and observing their behavior requires atomic-level precision, experimental tools with the same atomic-scale sensitivity are essential. The technological developments in creating nanomaterials and in electron microscopy with ultra-high-resolution capabilities have in recent years been converging on a common objective, promising to open a new field of intriguing possibilities.

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  • Ph.D., Applied Physics, Cornell University, 2004.
  • M.S., Applied and Engineering Physics, Cornell University, 2003.
  • B.Sc. (Hons.), Physics, Yerevan State University, Armenia, 1996.


  • MATS 3011 - Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
  • MATS 3012*- Metals & Alloys
  • MATS 3013 - Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Materials
  • MATS 3141*- Numerical Methods in Materials Science
  • MATS 5517*- Electron Microscopy
  • MATS 8217*- Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • MATS 3801 - Structural Characterization Lab
  • MATS 3851W - Materials Properties Lab

*Newly developed at UMN

Media Coverage

Andre interviews Professor Philip Batson

Remote video

Professor Philip Batson gave a lecture entitled "The Road from Surface Plasmons to Space-Time Resolution Using EELS"

Ahead of the lecture was an interview between Professor Philip Batson and Professor Andre Mkhoyan.

Check out the complete lecture and the talk here.


Andre features in CSE News

Andre on Titan

Professor Andre Mkhoyan was interviewed by Pauline Oo from the College of Science and Engineering  at the University of Minnesota about his very unique and exciting journey to the science of small!

Check out the whole article here.