Transmission Electron Microscopes

We have access to the following equipment through the Characterization facility!



FEI Titan Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope

72 Shepherd Labs


  • Probe corrector (DCOR) for STEM spatial resolution up to 64 pm
  • High-intensity X-FEG field emission gun
  • Operation at accelerating voltages of 60, 80, 200, and 300 kV
  • HAADF, BF, and 2 DF STEM detectors
  • SuperX EDS detector for high-speed elemental mapping
  • Gatan Enfinium ER EELS spectrometer with DualEELS
  • Gun monochromator allows 0.2 eV EELS energy resolution
  • Charfac

Thermo Fisher TALOS FX200

73 Shepherd Labs


  • Fast and accessible elemental mapping in 3D via energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and EDS tomography
  • 30+ fps imaging for in situ analysis using a Ceta CMOS camera
  • Improved stability and drift-compensation from piezo-enhanced stage control,
  • Micro electron diffraction for crystallographic analysis of nanoscale single crystals
  • Accelerating voltage: 80, 200 keV
  • Resolution:  1.6 Å in STEM and 1 Å in HRTEM
  • HAADF, ADF and BF detectors
  • SuperX EDX detector
  • Analytical in-situ TEM Holders
  • Dynamic 4k Camera

  • Charfac

Link to Thermo Fisher website for more details

NHH Talos

Thermo Fisher TALOS F200C

1-208 Nils Hasselmo Hall


  • High-contrast cryo-capable FEG TEM optimized for soft materials and in-situ liquid studies
  • 40 fps full-resolution imaging for in situ analysis using Thermo Fisher Ceta CMOS camera and dedicated storage network
  • Thermo Fisher Velox and Bruker Esprit software for data collection and advanced processing
  • Thermo Fisher Tomography and Inspect 3D software packages for tomography data collection and volumetric reconstruction


  • Accelerating voltage: 200 keV
  • Resolution:  2.0 Å in STEM and 1.8 Å in HRTEM
  • 16M Thermo Fisher Ceta G2 CMOS camera
  • ADF and BF STEM detectors
  • Single-X EDX detector
  • Thermo Fisher cryo, tomography, and analytical double-tilt holders



Field Emission Gun TEM

1-212 Nils Hasselmo Hall


  • Field Emission Gun
  • Twin-pole piece with point to point resolution of 0.24nm; 0.15 nm resolution can be achieved by computer processing
  • Magnifications up to 800,000X (More than 1 million times in STEM mode)
  • Fully computer controlled high stability CompuStage
  • Up to 70° eucentric tilt
  • Operation at accelerating voltages from 50kV to 300kV
  • 4k x 4k Ultrascan CCD camera
  • Low-noise plate camera
  • Bright Field (BF) and Dark Field (DF) STEM imaging
  • High Angle Annular Dark Field (HAADF) detector for Z-Contrast imaging
  • Gatan K2 Summit Direct Electron Camera for Beam Sensitive Imaging
  • Xplore 3D and Amira software for TEM Tomography (For 3D reconstruction of TEM images)

FEI Tecnai T12 TEM

77 Shepherd Labs


  • The Tecnai T12 microscope combines all imaging, diffraction, and analytical techniques at good spatial resolution and detection efficiency.
  • Application-specific modes include: Bright- and dark-field imaging; TEM microprobe and nanoprobe analysis; small-probe convergent beam; and large specimen tilts.
  • LaB6 source.
  • Accelerating voltage range of 20 to 120 kV.
  • Magnifications up to 700,000x.
  • Point resolution: 0.34 nm; Line resolution: 0.2 nm.
  • Maximum specimen tilt: 70 degrees.
  • Drift rate: <1 nm / min.
  • Specimen holders: Single tilt; double tilt; tilt–rotate; double-tilt cooling; single- and double-tilt heating; low-background single-tilt EDX; and straining/indenting mechanical holders.
  • Energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometer: Oxford Inca system with an ultrathin window allows the detection of elements from beryllium to uranium.
TEM Holder Room

TEM Holders

  • Low-background single- and double-tilt, tilt-rotate;
  • Single- and double-tilt heating;
  • Protochips Poseidon Select Liquid Cell;
  • Hysitron PI95 PicoIndenter;
  • Cryo and tomography holders;
  • Protochips Fusion Select Double-tilt Heating/Electrical Biasing Holder