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Welcome to the Analytical Electron Microscopy Lab

The Mkhoyan Lab is an analytical electron microscopy lab where research at the atomic scale is daily routine. When materials are so small that measuring their dimensions and observing their behavior require atomic-level precision, experimental tools with the same atomic-scale sensitivity are essential. The technological developments in creating nanomaterials and in electron microscopy with ultra-high-resolution capabilities have in recent years been converging on a common objective, promising to open a new field of intriguing possibilities.

TEM and dedicated analytical (S)TEM have recently reached a major milestone. With the advent of lens aberration correction, microscopes now achieve sub-Å resolution. In combination with quantitative spectroscopy these microscopes provide unprecedented experimental capabilities.

The study of these "very small" materials promises to pave the way to new discoveries about their properties and the physical processes occurring inside them. In our lab not only do we address puzzling questions about what happens to materials at this scale, but also we kindle the scientific imagination to anticipate new questions that have heretofore never occurred.

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Group News

June. 2021

Supriya's paper "Two Distinct Stages of Structural Modification of ZIF-L MOF under Electron-Beam Irradiation" is featured on the cover of ACS Chemistry of Materials!


Our New mircoscope, Thermo Fisher TALOS FX200 was installed at Charfac! More details here.


Hwanhui's paper "Metallic line defect in wide-bandgap transparent perovskite BaSnO3" was published in Science Advances!! Congratulation on this great work Dr. Yun!